Morin Khur

The Capital City of the Khurites, located in the eastern steppes of Myrland. Morin Khur has many amenities to offer. Within City limits you can find Dapplewood, Grey Wood, and Spongewood trees, Granum rocks, and Myrland Roses and Gherkins.

Crafting Tables Vendors NPCs
  • Armor Bench
  • Attractor
  • Butcher Table
  • Crusher
  • Fabricula
  • Furnace
  • Grinder
  • Hearth
  • Khurite Kiln
  • Natorous
  • Press
  • Shield Bench
  • Weapon Bench
  • Bone Vendor
  • Food Vendor
  • Gear Vendor
  • House Vendor
  • Khurite Armor Vendor
  • Leather Vendor Vendor
  • Mount Equipment Vendor
  • Mushroom Vendor
  • Reagent Vendor
  • Tindremic Armor Vendor
  • Utility Vendor
  • Wood Vendor
  • Banker
  • Combat Tutor
  • Crafting Librarian
  • Crafting Tutor
  • Equerry
  • Extraction Tutor
  • Gathering Tutor
  • Gear Vendor
  • Khurite Librarian
  • Magic Tutor
  • Shady Librarian
  • Veredari

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