-Possible fix for the Spawn-in-the-lake issue.
-Fixed severely broken weapon updater, this should fix most of the problems with players that don't see each others weapons.
-Switching to unarmed will now correctly remove your weapon.
-Switching to unarmed should no longer give you the attack-speed of the previous weapon.
-Re-added the AI to the server.
-Player that end up in a "bad-spot" will now be teleported to the closest starting-point.
-Added more starting-points the maps.
-Suicide while dead should now teleport you correctly to a priest.
-GUI updates for the NDA and the EULA screen (no longer programmers-art).
-GUI update to the backpack.
-Fixed random server crash when spawning some creatures.

-Loading cache screen added.

-Added button sounds.
-Added ambient sound in login screen.
-Added ambient sound in meduli.
-Lowered in game music.

-Fixed Loginbug on login server.

-Fixed a problem in skill menu were you couldn't use skill from the skill window.
-Fixed a problem were you could mine /lumberjack while still using resting.
-Fixed a problem were you would gain health way to fast while resting.
-Changed the way size in char-creation is shown and calculated.

-Female ragdoll deformed face fixed.
-Unarmed right charged attack animation fixed.
-Full body animations (Resting, mining, lumber jacking etc.) now has aim offset disabled until the proper one is added.

-Fixed so that there should be no malfunctioning materials in the bow creation.
-Fixed so spawn stackable doesn't add to items that aren't available to the avatar (like in the bank etc).
-Fixed that banked items aren't destroyed when you die.

-Fixed certain trees that had no collision.
-Enabled shadows on all trees.
-Added sea floor where it was missing before.

-Fixed problem with the quit button disappearing after logout.
-Fixed several flying trees.
-Minor tweeks to the vegitation.
-Removed security zone in Kranesh, the outlaw village in northwestern Myrland.
-Switched all npc´s to npc spawners (happy killing).
-Moved the Meduli startlocations from the bridge to avoid getting traped under it.
-Added a camp outside a cave in the mountains.
-Walking Deads can now be killed.
-Half-Orc renamed Thurs.
-Fixed instances where Khurite and Tindremene where misspelled.

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