-Fixed several server-crashes
-Added a stunned-state (you can't do anything) after hitting "mining or lumber-jacking" this should cut down on the spam
-Fixed rag dolls for dead animals
-Fixed rag dolls for dead players
-Fixed death-fx when you die
-Fixed some crashes that occurred when you died
-Update the ai-behaviours
-Renamed several NPCs
-Fixed the "beta-suicide-while-dead" it should now work a lot better
-Fixed several issues with the weapon/combat-system
-Fixed bows, they are now enabled again
-Fixed some issues with the "spawn under the world"-issue
-Weight should now be correctly calculated
-TerrorBird added
-Unable to hit creatures fixed
-You can no longer use skills that require a weapon without being in combat mode (X)

-New Water Volumes
-Mountain Cave got the right light and has had a face lift
-Forest outside the Trindremic town got more detail
-Reduced spawn radius on all spawners

-Added several fixes to force clients to not spam (delays)

-In game music deleted for the moment due to repetedly occuring errors with multiple tracks playing simultaneously.
-Increased volume for intro screen music.
-Ambience added in areas T01-02, T01-03 and T02-02.
-Decreased volume for footsteps.

-Game options added for;
--Screen Resolutions
--Screen Percentage
--Mouse Sensitivity
--Shadows (Tweaked)
--Master Volume, Effects Volume and Music Volume

-Character creation cameras tweaked

-Security Zone added to all priests except the one in the outlaw village.
-TerrorBird spawner added near Meduli.
-Tindremic town named to Fabernum.
-Towns/Villages got a name sign near all entrances.

--CharCreation: Fixed a bug that allowed you to use bad names.
--Charcreation: Constitution Bug in char creation.
--CharCreation: Fixed size to requier 2 instead of 3 points left in pointpool.
--Charactersheet: Fixed an display bug showing the wrong height for an character.
--Skill: Animations triggering to mine/Lumberjacking even though not allowed.

-New Signposts have been added to Meduli, Kranesh, Fabernum and the Khurite areas.
-Nereb Madgulu, a great tower has been added to the world.

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