------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------

- Mounts will now play an animation when they throw of their driver.
- Player-loot will now go away after 15min rather then the old 5min, mob-loot still gets removed after 5min.
- Fixed MOST of the issues with riding through nodes, you might STILL ecounter glitches thou.
- You should no longer be able to jump while over-weight.
- Pets are now automatically set to stay when tamed with no loyalty cost.
- It is now longer possible to gain creature control skill when pet by its own accord attacks targets.
- When battling a creature and then tame it during the fight, there is no longer any risk that the pet will continue to attack you as tamed.
- You can no longer gain skills when attacking a house.
- You will no longer hit the torso of the the house with a bow.
- You can now lock you chest when upgrading your tier.
- You can no longer access the chest from outside the house.
- Stairs and modules will now show to ppl that logs in while house is in being upgraded.
- Shadow performance should now be a lot better.

------ BUG FIXES ------
- You now gain riding skill from just mounting a horse.
- Fixed a bug that made you raise your hands whenever some else pressed block.
- Fixed several server-crashes.
- Fixed issues with increasing speed on mounts.
- Fixed so that you no longer can mount mounts that don't belong to you.
- Fixed that you sometimes gained mounted skill after logging out and changing node while seated on a mount.
- The House inventory should now correctly remove depleted items.
- House should now be correctly saved on server reboot.
- Random copies of houses should no longer pop up in Myrland.
- You can no longer interact with the house when to far away.
- Traces for melee combat is no longer 2 times as long as the acctual weapon.
- Pet-commands are now working as intended again.
- You can no longer shield-bash people who are on a mount.
- You can no longer tame while mounted.
- Possible fix for ghost-weight with arrows and broken weapons.

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